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  • February 9, 2016: Severe Rail Crash in Bavaria, Germany: Two commuter trains collided head-on on a single-track regional rail line between Rosenheim and Holzkirchen.For more information see PRESS RELEASE (pdf / in german language) or ask the experts >>> 


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IFV BAHNTECHNIK (Interdisciplinary Railway Research Association) is an interdisciplinary, independent and international organisation, involving approx. 10000 members, partners and supporters from science and all relevant sectors of the transport industry.

We support research projects from our partners in all areas of railway and traffic oriented research by connecting demander and supplier systematically as well as representatives from service businesses, leading research facilities, associations, administration and politics.

As independent and innovation-oriented network the IFV BAHNTECHNIK provides numerous advantages for his member and partners.



Currently we attend research projects (incl. funding), national and international conferences (symposia, workshops) as well as service-programmes covering more than 25 relevant topics:
  1. Rail-Infrastructure
  2. Rolling stock
  3. Passenger rail transport
  4. Freight rail transport
  5. Rail-Aerodynamics
  6. Rail-Acoustics / Rail-Noise
  7. Rail-Operatioe
  8. Fire Safety
  9. Rail Research
  10. Interior Design
  11. Rail-Maintenance
  12. Rail-IT and Telematics
  13. Rail-Management
  14. People with reduced mobility
  15. Rail-Safety (Passive Safety, Active Safety)
  16. Rail-Materials
  17. Material Efficiency
  18. Rail-Energy (Efficiency)
  19. Innovation Management
  20. Control Command and Signaling
  21. Rail-Quality (IRIS-Certification)
  22. Tram and Metro (Rapid transit)
  23. Public transport policy
  24. Rail-Homologation (TSI)
  25. Other relevant topics (see:


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You may send your PRE-registration for upcoming conferences ONLINE to make an unbinding reservation for your seat during the next conferences.



Systematische Vernetzung der führenden Köpfe der Bahn- und Verkehrstechnik




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Das Netzwerk des IFV BAHNTECHNIK e.V. umfasst rd. 12500 Mitglieder, Förderer und Partner: Die ideale Networking-Plattform für Experten, Firmen und Institutionen im Bereich der BAHN- und VERKEHRSTECHNIK. 

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